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My Approach

My approach

I’ve been a coach since 2002 and have helped hundreds of people succeed. I’m ambitious for my coaching clients, helping them see fresh possibilities in their situations and take confident steps forward. I put each client at the centre of the work we do, using my enthusiasm, psychological insight, business knowledge and life experience to enable personal and professional growth.

My coaching approach combines deep listening, curiosity about the possible, unfolding questions and holding you accountable with equal parts care and candour. Relating to people in the public eye, I hope this lands somewhere between the gently enquiring style of Kirstie Young interviewing on Desert Island Discs, and the generosity within high standards of Marcus Wareing on Professional Masterchef.


I also draw inspiration from my primary school teacher Mrs Greenwood who was both wise and kind, quotes from all kinds of literature and working creatively with images and metaphors. If occasionally I believe advice from my own life and experience could be of help, I offer it clearly and without obligation.

Clients often reflect at the end of a session that they have opened up more, gained deeper self-knowledge or gone further out of their comfort zone than they expected, almost without having realised it at the time!

Words used to describe me as a coach include grounded, motivating, clarifying, dynamic, kind, insightful, supportive, skilled and authentic.

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